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The School for Gifted Children

The School: Charles Xavier found himself with more Mutant Students then he could handle in one school. Easiest solution. Make another School! Much like his first New-York Mansion, he built this one on the far West coast though. In California.
Professor. Xavier appointed, a Head Master and teachers he found most qualified for this task. But as many students, of some many different statures, began pouring in he decided it wise that his Team would be paying visits to the new Schools every once and a while. To make sure everything was going smoothly.

*The Head Master and Teachers:
*HeadMaster.Nate Gade (Passive)
*Miss. Alex Row (Genie)
*Mr. Dr. Serge Kaleo (Mercury)

* Hoshiko (StarChild)…
*Jazz Davies (NightMare)…
*Almara Rosenthal (FadeOut)…
*Evelyn Jay (JayBird) Evelyn Jay Left the school and returned to NewYork with Robert Drake.
*Kasey Night (Stray)
*Lousin (MoonShadow)…
*Reid Daniel Stefen (Cold Fingers)
*Spencer Celebus (petrified Tri)
*Jonah Hoskins (Dodge)…
*Johnny (BlackFang)
*Bridgette Kitching (Sonar)
*Carmen Yomata (Yomatis)
*Andreas Serpico (???)
*Edgar Daday (Fire Bird)
*Tawnie Wargnar (???)
* Rebecca Seville (Pyrokinesis)


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Anwser me this one question...Who is Joseph Kony?

Do you know?

If you don't....that is what is SO wrong.

Below is a video made by InviableChildrenInc about a HORRIBLE man named Joseph Kony who has been committing the worst and most horrid crimes in Africa for over twenty years. The Government doesn't care. LETS MAKE THEM CARE! He is rated number 1 on the world terror list and has for a while. Against popular belief HE RANKED ABOVE BINLADEN! But no one knows who he is! The Government won't do anything beacuse of this. LET'S CHANGE THAT! Watch the video..yeah it's kind of long but its breath taking and I cried at one point and It feels like a alot less! COME ON PEOPLE! SPREAD THE WORD! MORE THEN ANYTHING SPREAD THE WORD!…
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I have quite a few X-Men comics but I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I love Rogue, she is my favourite, so can anyone recommend a comic series for a Rogue fan? ❤️
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I wish to join this group. but i'm not sure if  I will be able to. my character, however, has awesome powers, personality. backstory....working on it. hehe.
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You can forget all bets that the Beast would be the "X-Men Classic" who die ... The comic book resourcers Forum released a preview of All New X-Men 5 where Hank suffers a cardio respiratory arrest because of his imminent new mutation and is medicated for his younger version that would have a conversation with him thanks to mindlink of the X-Men by Jean Grey and fitted well to shorten ... Hank Junior saves the life of Hank Sr. and is suffering a new mutation ... and back to being an even bigger gorilla furry blue only "bald" with a look that reminds lightly "Panthro Classic" of the Thundercats


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is this group still active?
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Is this group active and do you still accept new members?
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how do i make my char and where do we rp?
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Is this group still active?
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Just send I request, it will be confirmed.
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